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Knock-out celebrant wedding and naming ceremonies in Manchester, Cheshire and beyond

I'm Connie, I'm an independent celebrant, and I dish up ceremonies chock-full of love and laughter for fun, modern couples and families.

We've all been to that wedding: bored guests checking their watches, wondering when they're going to get a glass of fizz and a mini toad in the hole, as the person at the front reads the same old words they've already said at two weddings previously that day, barely loud enough for anyone to hear. Too often on your wedding day, your ceremony is seen as the dull, stuffy, formal bit to get out of the way before the fun starts. But who says it has to be this way? Who says your ceremony can't be the party starter?!

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It's time to book a wedding celebrant.

That's where I come in. I am on a mission to put joy, laughter and life back into wedding ceremonies, and to make sure that my couples have exactly the ceremony they want; one that is deeply personal, meaningful, and reflects who they really are, with plenty to giggle about along the way. Let me tell your story in all its glorious, messy, hilarious detail, and you'll end up with a wedding ceremony full of fun, laughter and emotional sucker punches that you and your guests will remember forever.

Does that sound like your cup of tea?

See what kind of ceremonies I can give you, find out a bit more about me, pick up some pearls of wisdom on my blog, or keep scrolling to discover what a celebrant is and why you should absolutely have one (me!) write and conduct your wedding or naming ceremony.

"Connie is incredible and the wedding ceremony she gave us is a memory we will treasure forever... The ceremony felt so personal and special to us, it was full of joy and laughter and it was such a gorgeous experience for us and our guests."


So what is a celebrant?

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What do celebrants do?
How is a celebrant different to a registrar?

More often than not, when I tell people that I’m a celebrant, their response is, “what’s that?” Occasionally, someone will mis-hear me and they think I’ve just told them that I’m ‘celibate’, which leads to some hilariously awkward conversations.

If you'd never heard of a celebrant before winding up here, you definitely wouldn't be the first, and I have all the answers for you. So click HERE to find out exactly what it is I do, what the difference is between me and a registrar or a vicar, and how choosing a celebrant-led ceremony might just be the best decision you make when planning your big day.

More celebrant goodness on the blog.

Connie is an independent celebrant conducting wedding and naming ceremonies in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, across the UK and abroad.


Tea lover. Red wine enthusiast. Arrow shooter. IKEA aficionado. Whippet servant.

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Any questions?

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